Features Overview

Founded on the premises of empowering emerging artists, and educating the public about art, the Helen & Walter Zwig Foundation Collection aims to create programming and exhibitions that engage our community. Through our work we hope to create personal connections between our gallery and our patrons, as well as the art we show and those who view it. See below for an outline of our recent projects.

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The Brain Project

In collaboration with our partners at the Baycrest Centre, we hosted a collection of four artworks from the 2017 edition of The Brain Project. In its third year, The Brain Project is a city-wide public art exhibition, that aims to raise awareness about brain health. The artists selected for display in at the Zwig Collection, explore themes of creativity, fragility, memory and brain health. Funds raised through the sale of these artworks support initiatives at Baycrest, a global leader in brain health and aging.

Throughout their lives, Helen and Walter Zwig were enthusiastic supporters of Baycrest and many of its initiatives. In their memory, we have partnered with the organization to start a public conversation about diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Organized by Grace Jackson.

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Gallery Opening

Our inaugural exhibition spotlights the considerable breadth of the collection, which spans centuries and continents. It is organized around five central groupings: 20th-century European sculpture and works on paper; mid-century Canadian painting and sculpture; Western contemporary art; inuit art; and art of the South Pacific. The history it traces is, in part, that of modernism in its European and Canadian iterations. But it is also the history of two spirited individuals whose openness to the world and its manifold experiences is embodied in the art they chose to live with.

Organized by Michaela Milgrom